Rank Builder: Really? Is It That Easy?

rank builderAlex Goad is at it again.

RankBuilder is really just an updated LinkBuilder Pro, a former product that promised a totally automated way of creating back links to your site. Now, a few years later and a few Google updates later it is easy to see why this product was just a cash grab by Alex Goad, the proprietor of this gem.

At the time, way back in 2010, RankBuilder sounded awesome! All you had to do was load in some basic info and then push a button that automatically created pseudo profiles, and then create a bunch of fake social profiles and back links. Sounds great so far. Totally automated, even. What could go wrong?

I’m sorry to say that I fell for this one. I honestly thought that I could create thousands of social profiles and Google wouldn’t notice. The sad truth was that not only did Google not notice, but Google didn’t even care. No link love at all. Which was kind of good in a way as at least my site didn’t get sand boxed. But why did I bother in the the first place? Poor quality links, no matter how may didn’t seem to matter. In this day and age, Google is a lot more aware of this type of shenanigans and consequently might be a but harder on your site if you try this type of Black Hat stuff.

The result of this type of automated acquisitition of back links is really so poor quality-wise that the quantity doesn’t really have any impact. I ended up with thousands of email accounts and social profiles which added almost nothing to the anything close to building any real rank.

Also, when you create email accounts and profiles the software requires you to solve all of those dreaded Capcha’s, you know, the word puzzles that make sure you are a human and not a robot, or someone trying to game the system. You can hire a third party to solve these for you, so I paid about $50 for a few thousand. The subroutine is routed to some place where actual people type in the answers for you. Its almost become another industry.

Why waste any money on this product, or any other type of product that claims to build anything short of quality? It seems pointless because it is.

If you have found any success with this product, please let me know.

If I have helped in any way and helped you avoid this stinker,you are welcome.

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