10 of the best Affiliate Marketing Courses


To most, affiliate marketing can be a somewhat mysterious subject, until you realize that some of the biggest companies are using it. You might recognize a few of these. Do you want to learn to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon or some other really large company?

What exactly is affiliate marketing, and which are the best Affiliate Marketing Courses?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate program is automated technology that allows you to promote the products or services of other companies. The goal of an affiliate marketer is to direct traffic to a company website.  If someone buys something from your efforts, you earn a commission. Commissions can vary from anywhere between 1% – 75% or more, depending on the program. That’s exciting!

Probably the best and simplest explanation comes from the founder of Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle. Watch and learn as he describes:

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How to find affiliate programs
  • What a successful affiliate marketing campaign looks like
  • What the best affiliate networks look like
  • What Google doesn’t like about certain types of affiliate marketer

Watch Kyle’s video and see for yourself:

Understanding the Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Which is the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

Now that affiliate marketing is a bit clearer, how do you go about choosing an affiliate marketing course? Which offer the best support, the most resources, and the best community experience? Here are 10 of the most popular ones, in alphabetical order:

  1. Affilorama
  2. Affiloblueprint
  3. AffiloJetPack
  4. Bring The Fresh
  5. Empower Network
  6. Online Affiliate Academy
  7. PPC Coach
  8. Site Build It
  9. Udemy
  10. Wealthy Affiliate University




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