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MP900444336What is an affiliate and what exactly is affiliate marketing? It’s not really that hard of a concept, but for anyone new to the online world it might not make a whole lot of sense initially.

for anyone new to the term “affiliate marketing,” think about it this way: An affiliate is someone who gets paid to tell you about a product or service and where to find what you are searching for. The affiliate doesn’t handle the product, or handle any kind of monetary transaction. Instead, the seller pays the referring affiliate a finders fee.

Any time you visit a website that directs you somewhere to buy something, someone is getting paid to do so.

Practically every well known company does it. Even the big box stores.

Think of it this way, If you want a product, say a high end product you are thinking of purchasing, and you live in a place that doesn’t have a store that caters to your tastes, you could drive to your nearest store perhaps 100’s of miles away. Or, you could search online for a review of the product or online store with great information about the product. Those sites are affiliate sites, and they get paid every time someone is referred and buys.

How can you enter the world of Affiliate sales? Simply start a blog or website that gives great information and insight about things that a specific audience wants and refer them to a seller who has an affiliate program. Anyone can do this, though you should be at least proficient or an expert about the things you are communicating. You should also be prepared to research and create a well defined plan to accomplish the feat.

There are a lot of poor quality websites and yours should not be one of them.

If all of this sounds slightly daunting, it can be made a whole lot easier with the right help. This type of education is hard to come by and not really found in one place. The exception is an online community of like-minded people at Wealthy Affiliate, who are able to make your online journey a profitable one.

Start by creating a free Starter Account and getting a free website. Its that easy to start.

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