Effortless Consulting Formula: My Review


Have you ever considered creating and running a consulting business? I have. It seems to me to be the ideal type of business because your customers can be hand picked, choosing to work with one or a few, or, if you scale it correctly, hundreds. Depending on the consulting model, you can be as busy or […]

MLM Feeder Matrix Review Scam


When I discovered the FeederMatrix, I suspected it was a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program, but it appeared to be much more. In fact, it looked EXACTLY like a Pyramid scheme and by definition, a scam. Is the MLM Feeder Matrix a scam? Here is my review. The Lure of MLM’s & Pyramid Schemes I’m sure MLM’s work for […]

How to Earn Money With Online Surveys


First of all, can you make money taking online surveys? There are a lot of survey companies out there that are free and give cash payouts, along with free products that you review. Obviously some are scams and even charge you money up front to register. Is there a way you can earn money with […]

What Is Clickbank University About?


ClickBank has a University? Who knew? Not only that but Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, founders of ClickBank, want to create 1,000,000 new online entrepreneurs and they have one of the most successful money making system anywhere. In March 2014 they launched ClickBank University and created a “proven path to success” that is guaranteed to […]

How Empower Network is a Scam


The Empower Network is NOT a scam. Lets get this straight. A scam is confidence trick by “con men” that prey on the naive. The Empower Network is a legitimate network, with a real product and training. It is not a scam in that sense of the word. Does it work? Is it worth it? […]