Auto Funnel Machine Review – Go Ahead, Press Go

Cameron & Mario
December 2014
$20 (+$47 upsell)

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On January 10, 2015
Last modified:January 12, 2015


This review is is really a review of a sales page for a reconstituted program called "Offline Profit Machine" which has many issues and detractors. Lets see if we can find something positive.

I’ve never seen any product or program that is a true turn-key, sure-fire winner. Have you? Well, here is yet another one that claims to be exactly that, presented here for your consideration: The “Auto Funnel Machine.” It boasts that it is automatic and alludes to being a machine that you simply just switch on. However, I’ve never found anything that lives up to such a claim. How far off is this one to the truth? Turns out, pretty far actually. But then again, what did I really expect for $20?

autofunnelmachinefunnelWhat is the Auto Funnel Machine?

I think the best way to describe how this system works is to break down the offer. Here is the leading claim on the main sales pages:

Use This Brand New Automated System And Have Your First Client Paying You $997 Per Month By This Time Tomorrow!

No Cold Calling, No Mass Emailing,

No Selling, No Rejection

Wow! Cameron & Mario promise a lot. Can they truly deliver? In my opinion no, and not even close. It turns out that almost everything they claim I found to not be true. To flesh out exactly what I mean, here are a list of what they initially promise and what you actually get:

  1. Brand New – This system has been around for decades
  2. Automated System – If you opt in to sell their product
  3. …by Tomorrow – Pay up $97./month for the privilege
  4. Clients pay you $997 – Your cut: $250
  5. No Cold Calling – No, but you pay for outsourcing the cold calling
  6. No Mass Emailing – No, but you pay for outsourcing the mass emailing
  7. No Selling – No But someone else sells… Oh, you get the idea…
  8. No rejection – Again, you pay someone else to get rejected….

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no Auto Funnel, per se. However, in another respect, it is exactly that, but in quite a different way. You see, during the so-called training and after you finish watching the 7 videos inside the members area, you are pitched the privilege of becoming one of their workers, for an additional $97./month, for their “Offline Profit Machine”. This is because they claim to have perfected the sales funnel through massive time and money spent tweaking their own sales presentation and automation systems. In fact a great deal of time is spent discussing the very costly steps that need to create and run such an offer, presentation and business.

Who Is This Product For?

While there are lots of valid ideas presented by both Cameron & Mario, the offline system uses fairly dated technology as it relies on email, large sales presentations and even old timey radio ads, as well as an army of telemarketers. The ultimate audience is moderately successful small business owners who lack the sophistication but who are highly motivated to learn to get more sales and more money. And, because they likely have some free capital, they are prime targets.

If you are a newcomer to the online scene, you might find some of the training educational. The actual brief training on setting up your own sales funnel, with opt in landing pages, sales copy and email auto responders might be quite eye-opening. Though complex, it is possible. The same goes for the training for presenting a sales webinar of your own, should you wish to do that.

The Pros

  • Fairly concisely presented material
  • Fairly organized presentation of”offline sales techniques”
  • Not many affiliate links in the presentation
  • Not a huge upsell outlay
  • Low set up costs for Site, Hosting, Auto responder
  • Support is offered via direct email to owners

The Cons

  • Claims are either false or very misleading
  • The techniques used are very dated, as is the sales pages used
  • Most of the training can be found elsewhere for free
  • Cold emailing campaigns are considered spam and therefore illegal
  • The proof, though endlessly discussed, is very sparse
  • Being recruited for their online sales product

Auto Offline ClientsOTO receiptI suppose what I find most misleading about this scammy type of approach of recruiting a sales army is that you never actually get to see the product you might actually be promoting. Is it even worth selling? I’m guessing that it is just the same old techniques being sold to unsophisticated small business owners, which could be viewed as being valid. To be fair, I went ahead and contacted Cameron and replied that the presentation replay is to be added to the next email blast.

My Personal Recommendation

I would suggest to anyone interested in supplying online or offline services to small businesses, that they promote and supply a needed service to individual clients, one at a time. Also, don’t be spammy and send out cold random emails as it says a lot about ones lack of business ethics and besides, is illegal (in Canada, the new anti-spam law went into force on “sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipient’s consent (permission), including messages to email addresses”).

Take the time to become an expert at providing that service and actually be the resource. This might sound a bit daunting at first, but learning a new skill set or expertise is never easy. Learning always involves a bit of time and effort.

There are a few online resources that I’ve found to be helpful, though none more than the online Wealthy Affiliate University. Learning how to do things properly is easier than you might think. Stop wasting your money and time and learn the right way.



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    • Al says

      Thanks Greg, As with all products like these, the main issue is the strength of the offer, and does it deliver. While Landro goes through the info in a clear way, the price for the service seems exorbitant.

  1. says

    Al, thanks a lot for saving me money, and – more importantly – a lot of time. Sad, because I like Mario and Cameron, and a couple of products we bought from them on Warrior Forum were decent.

    It’s true THEY don’t call, email, or pester potential clients, so they don’t lie. It’s still misleading if someone has to do that on their behalf.

    The red flag went up when I heard something about outsourcing stuff, too. But what really pissed me off is at the beginning of their sales video Mario says, “Pay close attention because over the next 5 minutes I’m going to show you EXACTLY how my partner Cameron and I fill our PayPal account with $99 payment just like this…” (the word EXACTLY capitalized by them).

    It’s almost 17 minutes, not 5, and I resent it, may not sound like a big deal but I think it shows lack of respect for my time. I actually had 10 minutes before my Skype class, so switched it on, had to switch off, and then – and there no control buttons – listen to the same crap again.

    And there was nothing EXACT about the system or whatever they call it, I still didn’t have a clue what EXACTLY was that about. I’m pretty smart, and a fast learner, so I don’t think it’s my problem.

    I try not to judge people, or assume things, but I have a feeling that it was done on purpose, they say, “5 minutes”, most people I guess would listen straight away, and since you started a few minutes more wouldn’t make a big difference. Some people wouldn’t even notice. But if you say “this video is about 20 minutes long,” well, it’s a bigger chunk of time and someone like me would leave it for later.

    It’s the intention behind it, not the 10 or 15 minutes of a difference…

    I did a copywriting course with AWAI, and I’m aware of all the little tricks and techniques marketers use to make us take action. Doesn’t bother it much unless it’s unethical. But this one… I don’t know…

    Very disappointing.

    Thanks again, Al.

    PS By the way, when I was writing this comment, I decided to copy part of it and move it just a paragraph up. It wouldn’t let me, showing a message “Content is protected!” , well isn’t this my content? And until I finished writing, a feature that would allow me drag my text or copy and paste in another part of the comment would be useful.

    • Al says

      Wow, Thanks Grazina for your excellent comments and review. You are spot on regarding the marketing tricks used by Mario & Cameron. I really should have drawn attention to this in my review because, like you, it irks me when these types of ploys are used. What is particularly galling is that during the presentation about how to craft a killer headline, they stress the importance of being truthful. Hiding the control buttons and the length of the video is only just the tip of it…

      Thanks also for the note about the comment issue. I’m afraid the editing feature to this particular WP template is rather limited.

  2. says

    It’s good to see someone’s taking the time to expose these scammy products for what they really are and make sure to save some of their potential victims. Thanks for the great info and keep up the good work you do 😉

  3. says

    Hello Al, I think that the biggest myth in internet marketing is that there are turn key automated systems that work. Your better self tells you that you get nothing for nothing. To make money online you need to build a proper unique website that is of value to your visitors. I am through being a member of Wealthy Affiliate building an online income that will by the time I retire be a full time income. I am having fun building my site as well. Very best wishes Mark :)

    • Al says

      Great point, Mark. I agree, building an online business is nothing more than building value and a great user experience. Good luck to you!

  4. Jonathan says

    Thanks a lot for your precise review of this Auto Funnel Machine stuff. It sure has saved me from spending money that I could better use for other more meaningful purposes! I’d like to have the benefit of your reviews on other online product lines. Thanks again.

    • Al says

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for your response. I think that, in general, any offer with the word “auto” in it should be avoided or at least treated with a healthy amount of scepticism. More reviews of other scammy programs coming soon!

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