Been There. Done That.

It is true that I’ve tried a few various online things. Or, quite a few, depending on your point of view. When I look back at all of them, I feel I have learned quite a lot, though its not necessarily what the main message was. Each one of the programs had a certain appeal that made me buy them. When I look back I realize there may have certain common denominators to make me buy or even consider buying them. Perhaps there are some that I could share that might be able to help your next decision.

The Lure of Earning Easy Money

200 A Day Cash MachineThe image of a cash machine ‘vomiting’ money is such an absurd one that it always makes me laugh. Expecting to make easy money with a program that you just bought online is equally as ridiculous. If you think that any program that promises easy money that suggests you do something simple like placing ads promoting a cash spitting way of making money, give your head a shake. First you must buy the program, so you’ve already been taken. you’re missing the point. There are hundreds of such programs out there. Don’t waste your time or money.

You’ve Probably Tried That Too

There are also programs that promise to automate ways to somehow game the system. These kind of programs are everywhere.  Probably you’ve even tried a few. The main  point of all of this talk of gaming the system is an obvious way to get the upper hand and reduce the amount of effort that is required. If there is one thing we have seen over the past few years, its that Google is on to such systems and will have none of it. At any rate, it is not a strategy that will have any long term impact. Gaming the system in any way will never be a long term strategy. Why? Google is simply getting smarter and the algorithm is getting much better at detecting spammy methods and low quality content. Suffice it to say, any attempt to offer low quality content will not be a long term game plan. Or it might back fire on you and might even get your site banned.

What Works?

The short answer? Great content is king and will always rule the day. If you want to succeed, you have to provide something of value like great content, like articles, blog posts or video. Any hope of gaining the upper hand through some way of creating crap content or crap social interaction will never be better than great content. Then people will view what you provide and be either helped by being made aware of something they didn’t know or hadn’t thought of, or they will disagree or interact in some manner. Either way, its a quality engagement and not spam. This is what its all about.

What Now?

If you are tired of trying to find the easy way out, why not get real and be yourself? Maybe there is something that you know and others want to know. Maybe your an expert at something and need an outlet. Perhaps its a passion that you could talk endlessly about. Rest assured that if your content is worthy, there will be an audience for it.

Why not create a free website and get going?


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