Blogging For Profit

Ever thought of trying your hand at writing a blog?

Did you know you can make money at writing a blog? Serious money.

What does it take to make money from a blog? Just create a simple blog in Word Press and then start. Here is a short checklist of the essential qualities of a successful blog writer:

  1. You have lots of time on your hands and can string words together in a pleasing manner.
  2. You know a thing or two about some specific stuff. (or you are willing to put in the time to learn some new stuff).
  3. You guess there are other people out there who might want to know what you know about that specific stuff (or you are willing to put in the time to research about it).

There it is. The complete checklist. Simple enough, but lets break it down a bit further. The first item on the list is time:

Assuming you can string a few words together in a meaningful or helpful or even artful manner, you need a regular amount of time to exclusively dedicate to your endevour. And you need to do this week in, week out. This takes commitment, a lot of passion and possibly even a smidge of faith.

Having enough time and being dediated enough to be able to write on a regular timetable sounds doable, but is it really your thing? Everyone has enough spare time to be able to do this. I really think that is true. The thing is, you have to be willing to ask yourself what you rather do: write something, or watch the latest re-run of whatever crap program you happen to be watching on TV right now. In this day and age, I would find it hard to believe that anyone could argue that they, with practice, don’t have enough time to write a 400-500 word piece that takes between a half to one hour to produce, once a week.

If you know some specific stuff and you’ve ever tried to write a 400 word article on the topic that you know and love, you already know that you could peel off 400 words without even getting to all your main points. It actually takes a bit of a craft to pare down the essential parts and make it as short and sweet as possible, or being lengthy or verbose. Using technical language or long words is equally detrimental to the task, because most people want short, easy to read bits of information that doesn’t tax the grey matter too much. (At this point this artyicle is over 400 words and we haven’t reached the final point yet….).

There are probably lots of people interested in your specific knowledge and eager to find out what you have to say. The internet now makes it possible for sub-sets of groups of people to connect who are looking for specific information and comminuty. What you need to do is to reach out and talk to them.

Making money from your blog then becomes a natural extension of being able to connect to your target audience and to establish a trust that breaks down the natural wall of not wanting to be sold something. When you get to that point, sales come naturally and unforced. When people naturally want to buy something that you recomment, it will be because they trust you, not because you’ve put the “hard sell” on them.

Blogging should come naturally, and from the heart. It should be a fun thing to do as well. Writing this way does take a bit of practice, but practice makes perfect. Write often while trying to help people and good things will follow.

The technical stuff about properly creating and maintaining a blog is relatively easy to learn, and I can think of no other better resource that Wealthy Affiliate Unniversity. Learn at your own pace and start to make a living. If you want to create a new life and lifestyle, consider being a Freelance Blogger.

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