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ideaThere are great business ideas everywhere, you just have to think about it in a certain way. For instance, is there a problem that needs solving? Is there some burning issue that needs resolving? Is it something that people are willing to pay for?

This is the essential idea behind every business. The more pressing the problem, the more people are willing to pay for it. If your pipes are leaking, you are probably more than OK paying the plumbers rate who answers your emergency call. If you are looking for a service or product that you really want, you are more likely to pay for it the moment you find it. If you have an idea for a business that addresses a burning problem that needs resolution fast you most likely have a winning idea. How you put that idea into words and into concrete terms is the road on which the car is driven.

What Makes A Business Great?

There are certain criteria that make businesses more successful that others. If you think about a typical “bricks and mortar” business, considerations such as:

  1. Your total market
  2. Strength of your offer to conversion
  3. Location, location, location
  4. the total number of competitors

However, in web parlance, its:

  1. Search Volume
  2. Quality of content to conversion
  3. Ranking metrics such as Google’s Page Rank
  4. Total number of competing websites

A Few Business Ideas…

In this section, I plan on quickly outlining a business plan, a sort of “business idea of the week.” The ideas presented will be some variation of the ‘burning problem, solved, for a fee’ scenario. Some might be brilliant. Some might be stinkers. One idea might spur you to action. Another might give you an idea.

I’m not a genius. I’m rather ordinary, actually. But I’m happy to share my secret weapon: I happen to subscribe to a certain Keyword Search Tool, which gives really cool results and lots of ideas with almost everything I search for. The online tool is called Jaaxy, and it quickly shows you great results and gives both search volumes and competition analysis. Jaaxy also extrapolates how much traffic you could expect if the search results come up on the first page in a search.

However, I consider my ideas my property, which I’m happy to share. All I ask in return is some consideration if they are of help and bring you success. I’ll leave that up to you. Sign up on my contact list and I’ll share a business idea every week that might be use or might just get your creative juices flowing.

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