University Internet Science Review

University Of Internet Science2

What? Another university that I’ve never heard of before? That’s what we need, a university completely devoted to understanding the science behind the internet – and how to profit from it…. After a bit of investigation it is clear to me that this is neither a University, nor anything to do with Internet Science. Lets […]

Auto Funnel Machine Review – Go Ahead, Press Go


I’ve never seen any product or program that is a true turn-key, sure-fire winner. Have you? Well, here is yet another one that claims to be exactly that, presented here for your consideration: The “Auto Funnel Machine.” It boasts that it is automatic and alludes to being a machine that you simply just switch on. […]

Effortless Consulting Formula: My Review


Have you ever considered creating and running a consulting business? I have. It seems to me to be the ideal type of business because your customers can be hand picked, choosing to work with one or a few, or, if you scale it correctly, hundreds. Depending on the consulting model, you can be as busy or […]

MLM Feeder Matrix Review Scam


When I discovered the FeederMatrix, I suspected it was a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) program, but it appeared to be much more. In fact, it looked EXACTLY like a Pyramid scheme and by definition, a scam. Is the MLM Feeder Matrix a scam? Here is my review. The Lure of MLM’s & Pyramid Schemes I’m sure MLM’s work for […]