Effortless Consulting Formula: My Review

Luther Landro
Launched Dec 2014
$27 (+$47 Upsell)

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On January 6, 2015
Last modified:January 12, 2015


The market to help small businesses with their online management is massive. Reputation Management is but one service and the Effortless Marketing Formula might be a helpful resource.

ECFOTOHave you ever considered creating and running a consulting business? I have. It seems to me to be the ideal type of business because your customers can be hand picked, choosing to work with one or a few, or, if you scale it correctly, hundreds. Depending on the consulting model, you can be as busy or as independent as you want. Also, your product is a service, your knowledge, expertise and intellectual output.

If you have an interest in helping local businesses with their social outreach, then you might want to consider offering a consulting service to help business owners navigate the mysterious world of online marketing. There are so many services to offer small business owners in this area that the challenge is to narrow your offering down to something that is both manageable and doable.

This is where Luther Landro might be able to help. His “Effortless Consulting Formula” is a informational product that focuses on helping business owners claim and manage their online social reputation with their business Yelp page. Though his formula is really not effortless per se, it is manageable and doable as well as scalable.

What is the “Effortless Consulting Formula”?

In this case, Luther Landro offers a complete campaign to get your new consulting business of Social Reputation Management, through Yelp.com off to the races. However, the information is really not that complete unless you also purchase the templates contained in the $47 up-sell. Briefly, the informational video and documentation walk through gives step-by-step instructions how to set up a sales page complete with pre-made videos and buying option through PayPal.

The steps further include how to prospect potential businesses who have not yet claimed their Yelp Business Page, and possibly might not even be aware that they even have reviews, some possibly negative. He recommends sending out cold emails to prospects with a link to the sales page that pre-sells them on the fact that they could be losing customers because of their lack of focus on their online business reputation.

If they buy your service, offered on a recurring monthly basis, you can claim and optimize their page and then manage new reviews by immediately sending an alert to the business owner for his response. These services can be outsourced so that your direct input is minimal. He supplies helpful outsourcing recommendations so that you can then focus on automating and scaling your efforts. This approach can achieve some measure of autonomy and effortlessness for your consultation business.

What are the Pros & Cons?

The information is fairly concise and straight forward and Luther does a good job of explaining and demonstrating the technical ins and outs, simplifying the setup process. Everything can be done in a few hours, if all goes smoothly. What takes the most time is prospecting and managing the email campaign. He has a few suggestions how best to do this and supplies helpful resources to get this done.

Although I personally like this type of business model, it remains to be seen if the market for potential Yelp prospects is large enough. Yelp seems to matter to some businesses but not all, and some business owners probably couldn’t care less, though they probably should. That said, the market to help small businesses with their online management is massive. Landro suggests that once you are supplying your consultation services you can offer any number of other solutions for a profitable fee.

Final thoughts…

I quite like this approach to gaining customers. I would rather only have to deal with business owners who are ready to act and demonstrate that by buying this initial offering. After that, it becomes a matter of setting up your business and running it successfully. And selling your new customers other helpful services and products.

I’ve created a short video outline and review:

If this has been helpful or inspired you to look further into creating a business, or even a consulting service, please let me know. If you need help with the technical parts of the service, I can think of no better resource than Wealthy Affiliate and a truly exceptional keyword tool called Jaaxy to help with gaining the expertise needed for this type of business.



If you have any other comments or need help, please let me know.

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  1. says

    The only problem that I see with this business model is that Yelp recently implemented a pay to play model.
    So now, people that pay for their Yelp listing get preferential treatment inside this site and others are left out in the cold.

    Not a good way to base your business model. Unless that is, you convince them to pay for the Yelp listing as part of your ongoing service. Then of course, Yelp gets a percentage of your profits.

    • Al says

      Great point. I agree that Yelp is a bit of a non starter especially because of their latest ploy, but also because of the arbitrary suppression on some reviews. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. says

    I was considering purchasing this product but the fact that there is a $47 upsell in order to receive all of the information makes me question it.

    Thank you for the thorough review!


  3. James Smart says

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and a former business owner. I am retired but I have been mulling over starting a consulting business. After receiving an e-mail about
    this product, I searched for a review and watched your video and then to this site.
    Thanks for the honest review and opinion. You saved me time and money spent on this product.
    James Smart

    • Al says

      Thanks very much for you comment James. I too like the consulting type business model, so I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and training. Glad I could help.

  4. says

    One thing I don’t understand is if you are cold emailing potential clients, isn’t this considered spamming?

    I thought that sending emails to people who did not request a service from you was a big no no!


  5. Krasimir Kirov says

    Great review, thanks. It’s another home-based business opportunity. The only thing that may hold me back is the up-sell, especially if it’s not stated upfront.

    • Al says

      Hi Krasi, thanks for your comment. I may be guilty of understating things occasionally, as my intention was to try to give enough reasons to completely steer clear of this program. The up-sell is almost a given with these types of programs and never stated up front.

    • Al says

      Hi Joao, I might not have made this point clear enough. The up-sell in Landro’s product (not mine) is a bunch of templates or letters that he claims he uses for selling this service to clients. If you think this product is for you, then go for it. There is not too much to the product in the first place…. If you are serious about starting your own consulting service, I would look elsewhere, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

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