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free stuffI am so very grateful for the internet and all of the free information that you can find on literally anything that you are looking for. There are so many free resources that it boggles the mind. There is every sort of tutorial or video, some professionally done and some not, but that’s OK, its all good.

You can learn to do almost anything with all of the free stuff out there. And, along with free information, you can often find a lot of tools that are quite useful and cost nothing. Google, for instance, is loaded with free tools and platforms that I’m sure would be helpful to almost everyone. All you need is a free gmail account. You just have to know where to look and then keep current on what is available since they update often and launch stuff without much fanfare.

There are also a lot of almost free things that are also worth exploring. Companies often launch beta versions of apps or software or courses that they eventually might ask you to pay for, so you can try them out and perhaps eventually find useful or even indispensable. There are also quite a lot of offerings or trial versions of software that appear at first to be inexpensive that you later find to be really quite costly. This is the situation that I find quite frustrating, especially if I have invested a lot of time learning to use it. If you have the time, its no problem. But I would bet that your time is limited and so it would be better spent on useful, current information and tools that you can use to your advantage.

If you are attempting to find or even create an online business for yourself, wouldn’t it be great if there was a single resource that you could learn from and use to your advantage?

Wouldn’t it be great if that resource was free to try out before you had to spend anything on it?

I’m happy to tell you that such a thing really exists: Wealthy Affiliate Online University.

WealthyAffiliateHow does it work?

The Wealthy Affiliate is an online resource for training and interaction that you can use at your own pace. You can join for free to see what its all about and see what actually goes on. You can access a lot of free content and training, most created by the students all dedicated to an open source learning concept. There are newbies and trainers, and everyone in between. And everyone is encouraged to help those who have questions or run into road blocks.

Everyone is a potential resource for learning and online training. There is most likely someone else who has found or overcome the same challenge you have. If there is no resource, you can request some created training. If you find something that you have found helpful or think that it would help others, you can put it out there and create some piece of training. Doing this can be quite uplifting and helpful in ways that you might not even realize.

Does it work?

You will have to be the judge of that. The interesting thing is, that you can see what level everyone is at and check out their on line efforts. There are some that have created very successful businesses. There are some that are just getting going. At every stage it is obvious that they are all still in the process of learning, but all the while making online sales. The variety of themes, niches and content on these sites is truly staggering. Each one is different with individual points of view and varied approaches. This, I think, is quite encouraging, especially for those just starting to dip their toes into the online pool.

  • For those who contemplating buying some program or other and are concerned about being disappointed (perhaps yet again), Wealthy Affiliate could be for you.
  • If you have invested any money on an online program and realized that it is a scam, Wealthy Affiliate could be for you.
  • If you have a great idea for an online business but have no idea how to do it, Wealthy Affiliate could be for you.
  • If you have no ideas but want to create an online business, Wealthy Affiliate could be for you.

If these scenarios sound a bit like where you are at, I would recommend that you take some time and visit Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. Truly, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

What Exactly Do You Get with Wealthy Affiliate?

Here is a list of the resources and features available to you. Some are offered to premium members only, but as a bonus if you decide on a starter account, I can offer you my personal help with links to premium services:

So, check it out. I would be willing to bet that you would find it helpful and possibly life-changing. Compare these features:

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    • Al says

      Thanks for your comment Michael. I think that is a really great point, that people of any age can master and offer something that they are passionate about.

  1. Rodolfo De Leon says

    Al, I want to thank you for such open and inspirational articles. I just joined WA but keep getting emails from Affiliorama so I was looking at some comparisons and came across you site. I am glad I did!! :) And so I thank you again! I am new to IM but not to being scammed, conned and downright robbed by empty promises. I stumbled upon WA after searching for so long, I just wanted to make sense of how to do IM without needing to sell all I owned, including my old van and be left walking!!:) I was contemplating even that at one time but my lil white angel on the right convinced me not to. lol… I am glad I found you here!!! I really believe: again my lil angel.
    Thank you a thousand times over for helping me make up my mind and stick with WA. I can now go full steam ahead and let WA help me sort it all out. I believe I just might make a few bucks in the process as well!! :):):)
    Sincerely Grateful,
    Rodolfo De Leon (WA Member)

    • Al says

      Rodolfo, the IM tunnel is indeed long and challenging, with so many pitfalls. Find your passion and just do it. Every day.

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