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2889870505_9aebec83bb_mIf you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and a lot of great things to say, and you are an effective writer, you might want to become a freelance blogger. Of, course, you could start your own blog, but if need to start earning money right now, consider writing content for someone else. You can charge fairly significant rates if you are a very good wordsmith and there are plenty of ways you can increase the effectiveness of your content, and therefore the value of each assignment.

Customers, Businesses & Google Loves Fresh Content

Businesses and groups are often looking for local content writers, someone who they can trust and direct, to write content for their business website. Blogging is a catch phrase for a web logging, which encompasses a wide range of content, and can be either pages of information on a website, or posts or related articles on websites. The importance of creating fresh content on websites is really important to search engines such as Google as it means that the content is being added to or updated on a regular basis. It also is important to human traffic as it shows that the website is something other than just an online brochure.

With the near extinction of printed content, former magazine article writers have shifted their focus to both off site and on site content. On site articles that offer content that is interactive such as video or other things such as internal links offer much more to the reader than a static page. If you could learn how to create great information, along with creative ways for people to use or view the content, then your usefulness would be that much more. Just try to picture a business owner who, although he knows his trade, is unable to impart his helpfulness due to lack of time or lack of know-how in the online forum. Don’t you think that he would jump at the chance to be able to communicate his expertise and craft? All you have to do is demonstrate that you can help him.

Create A Blogging Business

Maybe there is a local business owner that you know that you might offer to help write a few articles for his website. Its not really important that you know what he knows, just how it might help someone who is looking for what the business provides. You would be able to bridge the gap between consumer and business owner by seeing it from the customers point of view. The “what’s in it for me” point of view. This is what becomes valuable to the business. If there is something that is so very cool that that the business does or offers, invariably it has become so second nature to the owner that he has forgotten just how special it is. Highlighting these types of interests is what others may want to know, not the intricacies and minutia of the craft.

Once you have a few clients, recommend setting a regular schedule of content creation that fits their budget and your schedule. This will keep both you and them on track and provide a regular source of income. You could charge about $40.-50. an article of 500-800 words. If you can provide video or photography as well, you might be able to up that to $300. – $500. an article. If you are a professional writer you could charge much more per article, but the bottom line is that the quality of a well written article is a valuable commodity.

There are lots of online courses and resources to help you with professional writing, but creating  great content is a craft that you should learn. One great resource is Wealthy Affiliate University. You can create a free website showcasing your clientele as well as learn how to create content that engages and informs.

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