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f18849b17ece2abd89b97c194e4ba5d9Anyone can use a camera to take pictures. But it takes a special talent to take great pictures that other people would want to purchase.

If you love to take pictures and want to share them with other people, for fun and profit, why not become an expert at freelance photography?

There are tens of thousands of other people just like you who are trying to make a living selling their photographic art. How can you differentiate your art and yourself from others? How can you sell your photos and make a profit? How could you create a Freelance photography business, doing what you want?

There are so many excellent photographs that you can find online, but there are comparatively fewer that can be used for business purposes, unless paid for. Companies that need graphics for their websites or social media are always in need of creative graphics. Companies are always willing to pay for the right graphics.

2889870505_9aebec83bb_mPhoto’s found in the commons are free to use but they must also be acknowledged. And the trouble is that it is often really hard to find the best graphic for your needs. There are tons of excellent and cleverly done photos, but somehow they aren’t what is needed. There are also lots of “canned” but generic graphics that are used on many popular and professionally created sites. This is no coincidence. The creative often requires  a  singular emotion or image to adequately communicate what the article or blog is about. Photo’s such as the one featured above are clever and captivating, but are not often used commercially. Just Google images for the term “blog” and you will not see many photographs of photo’s used in blogs, just graphics of the concept that creatively suggests the term “blog.” Google images for “word”. Google images for the term “business” and you’ll see a lot of stock photos that websites have bought of groups of happy, successful business types milling around. The photo’s that are useful that have commercial value are much different than those that you think would be of value.

Online GraphingI have bought photo’s for my websites from many of the popular stock photo sites, and perhaps you have too. Most don’t cost that much, but they were vital to create the right feel for my website. Anyone can create an account and start selling their work. What is important to realize, I think, is that it is not necessary to get a lot of money per graphic or video, but to get a little money and selling it many times over. For example, you could sell a $5 image 100 times and make $500, and by the time it takes to do that you might only sell 1 photo for $50.

You can create a very successful business by selling your freelance work that caters to a commercial interest. Create an account and sell your photo’s or videos to stock photo sites. Or, offer to create stock for existing businesses. Great photography is always in demand.

You could also create a website of your own that offers commission photos with samples of your work. If you don’t know how to create a site or market it, you could learn all of the ins-and-outs of building a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate University. You could even create a website or course teaching other freelance photographers how to go about creating their own online business, and earning a commission from it. You could sell that course online through Udemy. There are many angles. You just have to ask yourself what you would enjoy doing and then just do it.

I found this bit of inspiration about Joel Robison from a post in Wealthy Affiliate by Tanya (Thanks for sharing it Tanya!). Just goes to prove that you are only limited by your own imagination.

Sounds as if Joel found his dream job. One thing that strikes me as being obvious is that being creative doesn’t limit your chances of success.

Rich, a member of Wealthy Affiliate, suggests this in a post:

@RICH.(Premium) (Follow Me) (8 months ago)
I’d recommend Alamy for stock photography as having the most “open door” policy for newcomer submissions. There are numerous art and illustration sites such as DeviantArt You could also look at incorporating your work into products via sites such as CafePress or Zazzle Rich.

Thanks Rich.

There are so many ways to become a Freelance Photographer, it just takes a bit of imagination and a serious business mind.

If this has been  helpful please let me know, or if you have any suggestions how to improve this article or help others, please let me know.


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    Love the way you write, easy going and leading me to your creative thinking about making an online presence. Wealthy Affiliate is obviously the one to look up to as it is totally legit and very sound. Thank you for sharing!

    • Al says

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fred. I must admit its really great to get nice comments and some appreciation.

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