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Fundraising ConsultantsAre you the kind of person who is a go-getter and who likes volunteering to help raise funds for worthwhile causes? If you are over 50, you probably know quite a lot of things about it and have a fair amount of experience to go along with that knowledge. There is no doubt that there is a need for fundraising. Even if you are younger, why not become a leader and fundraising expert in your local community or city? You could become one of many Fundraising Consultants that are highly sought after to help with the ideas and actual roll out of a fundraising campaign.

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Everywhere you look, in every city and every town, and on any given day, there seems always to be an event planned for raising funds for some worthwhile cause.  Schools, sports teams, large galas, individuals with debilitating diseases, as well as animal rescue, the local community clubs, the environment – all seem to need a helping hand. Do you think fundraisers need a hand to get started? Is there some angle for you to help them by offering your consulting services?

People love to volunteer for these events but a lot of hard work goes into the planning as well as the actual event. Most planning committees tend to do what has been done before and then repeat them year after year, if they find an event that works. In our community, the local schools tend to hold Fun Days and the sports teams tend to do bottle drives. At some point planning committees get burned out and need new ideas and strategies for raising funds. Having new types of fundraising activities keep it fresh and makes it more likely that the people who attend and supplying the funds are more engaged.

Create Your Own FundRaising Consultancy

Legal and accounting issues aside, advertising or offering your services should not really be that difficult. Read some dedicated books on the subject, take some notes on the best ideas and practices and develop a simple presentation to assist the committee. Sounds easy, but if you have a love and passion for this sort of business, then you just need to get a few campaigns under your belt to start to be recognized as the expert in your area.

One way to get your fundraising consultancy off the ground is to offer your assistance to a local organization as a volunteer. If you can then help them achieve their goals, you could then use them as a reference for gaining future business. As far as pricing your services goes, try charging a percentage of revenue if the revenue raised exceeds to goal. That way it is a win-win solution. You don’t get paid until the desired amount is raised.

Believe it or not, some professional fundraising companies negotiate to keep well over half the amount of funds raised. Raising money is a costly endeavour when it does not involve volunteers. The challenge of most serious organizations is to find a fair balance between raising the funds needed and keeping as much as possible.

Create a Fundraising Consulting Video

There are a few online resources and established consultants who you can study and copy. One such introductory video, done by George Wooten in the UK gives us a good example of what services they offer:

As you can see, Its not that hard to promote your services, whether you are an individual, or part of a company team. The video is obviously professionally done, and you should consider this as well, but in the meantime you can create one that is suitable. Consider offering  some advice or helpful tips and demonstrate your helpfulness and passion.

Creating a business around something that you have a passion for would be an ideal solution for most people who are looking for a job. Volunteering is all well and good, but making a business out of it could be for some, a dream job. As with any business, marketing your services will be a challenge. Creating a website and promoting yourself could be daunting. It is important to find the best resources to help with this aspect of  your business. You can learn about how to properly create a free website here, or join an online community of likeminded entrepreneurs for a trial to see if you can use the expertise.


If the idea of Fundraising Consultants is something that has been helpful, or you have any questions, please add a comment or question.

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    • Al says

      Thanks for your comment, Saranna. It seems to me that most everyone involved with community activities are at one time or another involved with fundraising activities. Although being a consultant is not for everyone, its worth considering.

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