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Review of: Google Sniper
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George Brown
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On February 23, 2014
Last modified:December 9, 2014


Make money by creating small “sniper” sites by ranking high on Google and then promoting affiliate products. George offers "over-the-shoulder" video training and checklists that outline the process.

Updated from the original popular Google Sniper already out for 4 years, George Brown offers his latest 2.0 version, making it even more enticing than originally offered. The program seems to have massive appeal, and in all likelihood will make George and his affiliates a lot more money.

What exactly is Google Sniper and how does it work?

Essentially it is training for a system by which you set up a website that is in a low competitive position that ranks, ideally getting large amounts of traffic by skimming it from Google search traffic that does not have an affiliation selling that particular product. Just as a sniper takes aim at easy targets, so can you, and George says you can profit from it. Simply build a small site and put it on autopilot and watch the traffic and therefore potential money stream in.

Sounds wonderful. Thanks George.

Georges enthusiasm and youthful exuberance, at times, I found more than a bit annoying as he shows just how easy it is to rank. Mind you, most of this information was formulated in an age before the most recent Google algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin). Supposedly, this updated Sniper is a supposed answer to those ‘challenges.’ George offers a plethora of SEO tricks that are supposed to be site enhancing, which sound like they are good pieces of advice. Some, however, are contradictory and short sighted. Those new to SEO might not spot these contradictions and wonder why they do not get the rankings that are seemingly so easy to get.

But here is the main issue: If you are building mini sites hoping to stay ahead of the next Google algorithm that will clamp down on tactics that subvert the system, then you run the risk of getting “Google Slapped.” Worse than that, however, is the fact that this whole method is not a long term strategy as Google is getting a bit smarter each update, catching those who fall into the spammy site group a bit more easily.

The idea that you can create small, quickly put together sites that almost instantly rank on the first page of popular search engines is, quite frankly, a farce. While it is true that some lower competitive niches offer incredible opportunity, the days are gone when thin or spammy sites rank well consistently. Google is just not that dumb. Google rewards quality, up-to-date and socially relevant content. The idea that you can build a few pages and then not ever have to touch it again is patently false.

My Sniper Experience & Conclusion

When I went through the initial Google Sniper product and set up a mini site according to George’s tutorage, I didn’t come anywhere near top ranking. True, though I attempted to follow all of the tips, I was fairly new to the world of SEO, and probably screwed up somewhere along the line. I was also quite gullible. I took everything that George said on its face value and didn’t check out the information properly. A bit hard when there is so much so-called information available.

All in all, I can truthfully say I did give Google Sniper the old college try and I did learn a few very helpful things. For this I can say that the Google Sniper was not a total waste of money, but it is probably not the best place for newbies to learn. There are a lot of other better places to learn the correct and more sustainable way of doing things.

If I can save you some money and time, I would recommend steering clear of this way of doing things. If, on the other hand, you still like getting like the idea of making a quick buck, by all means go ahead and sign up to George Brown’s newest incarnation: Traffic UltimatumGBTU. Its really all the same.

There are better places to start, though.

One such place is The Wealthy Affiliate University, an online community of classes and trainers, as well as students that share and ask questions along the way. I my humble opinion, getting the right foundation is vital to success and I have not found a better place to do so. That said, however, I could be biased. If you have had better experiences with another online training and building system, please let me know.

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  1. says

    Thanks for reminding me of Google sniper 2.0, before i found wealthy affiliate, i was looking into this…good job i didn’t do anymore than watch the sales page

    • Al says

      Thanks for the feedback. I probably could have gone on and on about Google Sniper as I got pretty deep into it. George has such a convincing way about him that I bet plenty get sucked in.

  2. says

    Hello, I am trying to make money on the internet with google adsense and google adwords. Is this allowed to send adwords traffic to adsense pages? If it is not allowed, how would I acquire traffic to my websites? I am kind of new :( – thanks a lot.

    • Al says

      Hey, thanks for your comment. My quick answer is that you could use Google Adwords, and pay for traffic, OR you could try and get free traffic by offering quality content that people actually want and seek out. Of the two methods, I like the free way as it is a more sustainable approach. If you can create a business that engages with your audience you will be a lot better off. Check this out:

  3. says

    Hey Al, saw you on WA and wanted to check out your site. Your writing is great and you have structured your site well. Read your affiliate review and that looks good too! Well done. Google Sniper 2.0. Glad I missed this one.

    • Al says

      Hi! Thank you for your comments Michael. The site is morphing a bit because I can see that along with those looking for a new opportunity, WA could be also be helpful for people who already have a small business and want help with the building and marketing of a proper site as well as help with social marketing. Rather than paying much higher costs for someone else to build and manage their online marketing efforts.

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