How To Learn A Skill

3637402952_ee72e33ee3_mThere is no better time to learn a new skill than right now. More than ever before, it is so important to be open to new ideas and challenges. As we grow older some of us gradually become less receptive to new ideas and it feels that its a bit harder to learn new skills. Its not that we are unable to learn something new, its more likely that we resist learning new things. But learning is essential to our lives and so its important that we know why it is hard and what we need to do to learn a skill.

How you go about doing something that you don’t know how to do? First of all you need to not be afraid of it. In fact, the best way to overcome your fears is to learn about it. When you were younger and learning something new at school, you probably felt a bit apprehensive about the subject, but the more you learned about it, the more that feeling started to fade away. Since everyone around you was essentially starting at the same place, there was less feeling of finding it difficult to learn. You just did it. Some think its easier for kids to learn, but it probably because adults have more hangups that kids do about learning new skills.

Skill acquisition is a valuable tool that can show others that you are able to help others learn. Being a teacher of something that you just learned doesn’t have to be daunting. Its not a matter of memorization or just acquiring knowledge. You see, you don’t have to absolutely master something to be a teacher of something.

But Doesn’t Learning Something New Take 10,000 Hours?

This is a common misconception, and one that seems to have been perpetuated by a misinterpretation of reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers as meaning that you have to spend 10,000 hours to be good at it. If you want to be the next Tiger Woods and you want to compete and play golf at a world class level, then that might be true. In fact, spending about 20 hours is enough to be able to acquire a new skill. Gladwell says approximately 20 hours is the threshold to learn a skill.

wa_starter_350x350Learning to do something is very do-able. Its not really that hard. Spend a a few hours each day and over the course of a few weeks you will have no doubt learned some new skill that you can apply to your business. If your business has anything to do with an online presence or online marketing (which is pretty much about everything these days) then an invaluable resource is Wealthy Affiliate Online University. You can sign up for free and check it out to see if its something that fits your needs.


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