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jaaxyEvery website is searchable. This means that every website is ranked by search engines in importance for what it is about.

This means everything.

Do you realize that every online campaign is completely dependant on its ability to convince search engines such as Google & Bing that it is relevant, important and up to date? One of the most important things to understand is that keywords are vital and to be able to gauge their popularity will often determine their effectiveness – and the effectiveness of any campaign.

One of the main factors for searcheability is something known as keywords. Keywords are individual words or phrases that let search engines decipher what the article, web page or post is about. When people search for these words or phrases, search engines provide search results of the most relevant information.

The trick is to find keywords that can be competed for or even keywords that have low competition with which to compete with. If competition is low and search volume is significant, chances are that you would have a successful campaign.

How can this knowledge help you earn a healthy income?

Consider almost every small business. Do you think that small business owners have a good handle on their individual online markets? They most certainly know their trade, but do they know exactly what their customers are searching for and how they are finding them? Probably not. In fact, almost certainly not. If the small business owner in question does not use Adwords or regularly analyze the website analytics, chances are they really don’t get the importance of keywords.

Fortunately, there are highly efficient tools that you can use to help analyze search terms and keywords for their effectiveness and usefulness. Knowing the importance of useful metrics would help you become a useful service to prospective business owners or online marketers. One tool that has can supply meaningful metrics is Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy keyword search tool is exceptional in at least 3 important ways:

  1. Jaaxy helps identify potential low competition keywords that are often missed.
  2. Jaaxy gives you accurate competing page information.
  3. Jaaxy identifies potential available domains for a successful campaign.

How can this knowledge help you to help business owners and online marketing campaigns? There are a few ways that you could profit from this knowledge. One way is to offer an analysis of a businesses campaign and create a report that speaks to the potential usefulness of implementing certain keyword phrases. You could charge $100.-300. for such a report that takes seconds to produce. Watch this video and see for yourself:

Another way is to offer this tool to online marketers that rely on successful intel. Since this information is vital, online marketers immediately understand the potential, and if they buy the service, you get a commission. Once they try and realize the power of Jaaxy, they rarely cancel their subscription, giving you a reoccuring commission.

Another way to fully use Jaaxy’s awesome power is to use the knowledge to start a successful campaign yourself. Try it out for free and see if it sparks something that can help you achieve online financial freedom.


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