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UdemyI was talking to my sister the other day and she expressed a concern about finding some work that she could do from home. She is finding that, because because of health issues, she cannot keep a regular job, legitimate work that she can do on her own schedule are quite hard to find.

For many people, working at a 9 to 5 job is not an option. In her case, she has developed a debilitating medical condition that, unless it changes, would not allow her to seek permanent employment. Although she is very a very talented, with specific writing and editing skills in the technology sector, she never-the-less has great difficulty finding a flexible arrangement that will allow for some periods of inactivity. There are huge portions of the population with very similar circumstances. What are they to do? As the population ages more will find themselves in this position. Who will employ them?

Not many employers would employ those with limited ability to provide results on a consistent basis, unfortunately. Quite understandable from the employers perspective, really. With any new hire comes the added responsibility of all the bureaucracy and management issues as well as the unknown of the total output. Hiring on a contractual basis, or paying by piece work is really the only way this arrangement can function properly, and so the stability of permanent employment becomes quite difficult for both parties.

It comes down to the very definition of what you think a job actually is. And also what a legitimate job is. Work that is done on your time and on your schedule sounds like a dream job, but there are so many distractions and ways to get side tracked with a lack of structure that it might prove overwhelmingly difficult to perform the tasks at hand. Searching for the next well paying gig might also eat into your productive time as you spend more time worrying than actually producing tangible results.

Legitimate jobs are hard to come by. Perhaps you might consider expanding your abilities and take an online course to gain some new marketable skill that will enable you to offer more and perhaps get more. Online course sites such as Udemy and others offer different levels of training. In most cases the course offers a free glimpse of the material so you can get a fairly good idea if its something that would benefit you, before you sign up.

Training and researching are things that must be done in order to gain some manner of viable work, unless one is naturally talented. People over 50 have the experience as they have no doubt been in the work force for a long time.  They have the life experience but might lack the new types of experience required for the changeable world we now live in. If you still enjoy learning something new you’ll do just fine.

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