The Bad News

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…First, The Bad News…

The world is full of bad news, so you probably don’t need to hear more. But here is the reality of the situation: There are a lot of scams on the internet.

But, of course, you already know that.

Making money fast is really just a pipe dream. Instead of being mollified by the next “shiny object,” think about your business how you treat your health. If it was as easy to get and stay healthy as taking a pill, we would all do that. But you know it’s not that easy. Just as good health is a steady diet of good food and exercise, so building and growing a business is a matter of applied effort and steady progress.

If there were scams that made you rich, there would be a whole lot more verifiable proof, not just photo shopped pictures of unbelievable earnings or made up testimonials.

There is a vibrant, online community of real fellow “Netpreneurs,” who are all on a very real journey to create their own online businesses. This community is unlike anything else on the web. The support and training are unparalleled. I defy you to find anything else like on the internet.

So, you decide: The magic fix or the real deal?

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