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Are you really good at Social Media? Believe it or not, some people aren’t. Even more shocking, some businesses aren’t either. There are lots of opportunities for Social Media Consultants.

That’s where you might potentially come in. You might offer your services to help businesses get potential customers to notice and get some social media traction – for a small fee. Get enough clients, and you have a business.

In order to start a business in social media marketing, you should first know exactly what it is. Secondly, understand who your potential client is and how best to help them. Third, create a business plan with a method to attract and manage clients. Last, but not least, get up to date social media training and help.

Firstly, Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Companies and brands promote themselves through these channels. But the effective use of them is often confused with over use and can be viewed as being overly promotional. Such activity sometimes discredits the effort. Providing informative, inspirational and entertaining content most often gets the most attention and therefore gets shared and followed. This is the point of social media.

Secondly, find potential customers and define how can you help them. Find potential local business who need help that are lacking social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Yelp, YouTube or Pinterest. All of the most prominent platforms offer business pages and most businesses do not take advantage of them.

Third, you can create a business for yourself in social media by offering to set up each of their social marketing profiles and do social media posting for companies that lack the time or ability to do it themselves. Create campaigns that produce regular content on an ongoing basis, and you can create your own business. Figure out how much time it takes and then charge a fixed amount on a monthly basis. Do this by first establishing an income goal and then what a reasonable amount to charge.

Say, for example, that you wanted to make $2000. per month. If you charge each company $300. per month, you would need about 7 customers. Posting regularly for each company, every day for example, would give any company very good value and something that they just can’t get done by themselves.

Lastly, get the training you need to succeed. Where can you get cutting edge information and tools that would enable you to help your clients? I believe Wealthy Affiliate University is one such place, as it offers everything that you could ask for and a whole lot more. Though the name implies its about online marketing, all of the skills that you need to succeed in Social Media Marketing are taught and supported.


If you have lots of Social Media followers and find creating and informing easy and fun, then creating a business doing just that might be a good career move.

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  1. Paul says

    Great stuff, Al! I’m also in WA.

    This site is very informative and clean.

    Suggestion: This box shouldn’t show up as grey, though. My eyes aren’t as good as they once were.

    How about jobs for ppl over 60? LOL

    Paul (PvanO)

    • Al says

      Hi Paul, Thanks for your comments and suggestion. And I agree, it definitely sucks to get old, but one thing is for sure older people have a lot more experience.

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