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On January 8, 2015
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let's take a closer look at Paid Social Media Jobs and see if we can discover if it is a legitimate way to creating a job for yourself. Can you find the support with this product that you need to be successful? Here is an honest review.

Paid Social Media JobsDo you use social media? You know, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., etc.? Are you good at it?

Have you ever wondered if you could earn a living doing social media for business owners? Why not consider purchasing a popular ready made business template type product called “Paid Social Media Jobs” and get started today? Before you jump in, let’s take a closer look at this business and specifically this product and see if we can discover if it is a legitimate way to creating a job for yourself. Can you find the support with this product that you need to be successful? Here is an honest review.

Along with their website presence, most businesses try to use Facebook to reach out socially to their existing customers and prospects. But, most businesses also miss the mark of creating any semblance of an effective campaign because it takes a lot of time, know-how and dedication, all things that a busy enterprise seems to have in short supply.

That’s where you come in. You can offer a truly needed service by supplying businesses with the necessary and ongoing content that most businesses seem to want. Not only that, you can create a business that you like doing and are good at.

Where to Start…

The popular ClickBank Product, “Paid Social Media Jobs,” has a lot of promise. But unfortunately that’s about all it has. What I find consistent with all these types of products is that they are mostly hype and very short of providing the purchaser with a real grasp of just how much work is involved and how long it takes to get up and running – profitably. 

This is the real crucible: The reality behind all the hype and promises. If you plan to venture out on the social media relations trail, the key will be getting the support for your enterprise as it could be quite difficult to create the framework out of your own knowledge base.

What is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Despite the promo hype, this Clickbank product is the work of a guy named John Wai, an IT developer living in Hong Kong, and not Annie Jones, a single mom. The production is a bit candy and plays on people’s emotions with ploys like “the economy sucks…Right?” type of a message. And if you were looking for a step-by-step plan of exactly how to pull this off, you will be quite disappointed.

Paid Social Media Jobs vid

That said, it is a legitimate business idea. Are there better options? In my opinion, definitely. Why? Simply because of the lack of support that this product/idea has, or rather lacks. While the product gets the cogs moving in your mind, a lot is left unsaid. The snap shots of the amounts earned look bogus to me. Another “tell tale” indicator is Annie Jones stated repeat business indicator of just 12%. If you or your service s are worth anything you should have a higher repeat business than that.

Here’s How Paid Social Media Jobs falls short: 

  • The product CANNOT deliver what is promised
  • this product is really nothing but a big UP SELL
  • you SHOULDN’T have to pay for a product to find social media jobs
  • There is NO product support
  • There is NO training “how to” steps
  • it is NOT true that you can make money in just 3 days!

Here’s What I Like About This Idea:

  • The business of Social Media Manager is legitimate
  • You can find Social Media jobs almost anywhere
  • Freelance businesses work
  • It is a truly needed service that small business needs.

If you have read up to this point and still want to create a business managing Social Media for businesses, I would recommend NOT buying this product but start to gain the experience and knowledge you need to succeed.

Social Media MarketingudemyOne type of resource that I recommend is online training to see if it is truly what you want to do. There are sites like Udemy, which offer a really cost-effective way to learn the business of Social Media Management. I’ve written a piece documenting some skills you’ll need in order to become Social Media Manager here.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.


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    Thank you for the intell. Even thought the social media seems to be the communication center of the world. Some companies are trying a lot of shady way to make money.

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