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On January 13, 2015
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University of Internet Science claims to tech advanced list building techniques. Is this true and do they work? Or is there an ulterior motive? It's really not possible to rate this product lower.

University Of Internet Science2What? Another university that I’ve never heard of before? That’s what we need, a university completely devoted to understanding the science behind the internet – and how to profit from it…. After a bit of investigation it is clear to me that this is neither a University, nor anything to do with Internet Science. Lets take a closer look at what exactly the product is contained within University of Internet Science.

Click here to visit a real University dedicated to Online Education

What Is University of Internet Science?

Firstly, its not a University. A University is a place where you learn all sorts of things, not just one thing: How to build an email list. Build a list the way large, well known retailers, and use it to recruit others to another program.

Secondly, the University of Internet Science is the brain child of a guy named Michelangelo Lopez, who just happens to be amongst the top earners at another program called The Empower Network. I’ve discussed the merits and detractors of The Empower Network elsewhere, and so will not be saying anymore about this program other than to point out that, in my opinion, it is a really big waste of time and money. Some people make some really large amounts of money from it, but this is probably because then entrance fee is $5000. Not that you should be prepared to invest in your education, but you should be aware that this is really just a huge pyramid program, verging on a scam.

But I digress….

Michelangelo Lopez, the originator and spokesman, appears to have some serious detractors. Just Google his name and you might find it challenging to find many things that are positive, other than from him or his followers. As a motivational speaker, Mike is amongst a crowd all vying for your attention. His euphoria and child-like manner is contagious, just like you would expect from a high flyer in a program that appears to be legitimate.

So why is the University of Internet Marketing trying to get you to sign up and charge $25 for a few videos, all in thinly veiled approach to then up-sell the Empower Network? Well, it appears fairly clear to me that through a quick bait and switch, products like this are created to get massive sign ups, much like the email collecting techniques it espouses.

Let’s Compare Universities: 

The differences between Wealthy Affiliate University and University of Internet Science are vast and belie the main issue that one is  not a university. Though Wealthy Affiliate University sounds as if it is just for affiliate marketing, it is important to realize that almost every type of product on the internet is a form of affiliate marketing.

Though this reviewer is more than slightly biased, I would defy anyone to try and prove to me that University of Internet Science is not almost worthless and a cover for Empower Network. Please feel free to leave a comment or question.

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