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WAreviewsummaryWealthy Affiliate Overview

Unlike most other paid products and online information, Wealthy Affiliate is not really a product. It’s a constantly added to collection of tools, training, as well as an online support base of members who interact with each other real-time. All inclusive access to 13 online courses, online video training, and training crowd-sourced by individual members allows all members to find specific answers or to ask other questions.

Who is the Target Audience of Wealthy Affiliate?

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, it is obvious that it was designed for both beginner and intermediate users, which comprise the vast majority of people. A complete novice would feel at home, as active members are quick to jump in with answers and advice. Though the learning curve might be perceived as steep, the new initiate is directed to a number of initial get started courses. The intermediate user though, can learn things that have been missing in their own training. And since the internet is in a constant state of flux, new approaches emerge. Marketers and affiliates and Mommy Bloggers converge in a unique online spirit of cooperation and support.

The forum and format is completely absent of spammy content, which is strictly prohibited, and can be easily reported. Members are discouraged from selling to other members. Though some might get discouraged and drop out, there are enough reasons to stay the course and progress. There are no snap shot boasts of how much money others are making, though there are lots of success stories and goal setting.

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

There are lots of positives and very few negatives. Though the site initially takes a bit to get used to and navigate, there are enough familiar areas that one can get used to as one expands their knowledge base. The site keeps track of individual progress made and all of the comments and interactions, as well as sales and tracking stats.

The focus of training seems to be very transparent. All of the talk and training seems to emphasize that every thing should be done with the highest of integrity. No spam. No black hat tricks or short cuts. Give the audience as much quality content as possible and Google will reward you with more traffic. Quite a different story when compared to 99.9% of all of the other programs out there.

Wealthy Affiliate offers almost everything one needs to start and maintain any going concern. Training for every level, Video and graphic as well as textual. Individual technical help is available, as well as interactive access to the course material and instructors, which turn out to be normal members offering some insight or help that they think others might find useful. Website creation, support and hosting are included, and starter members can even create 2 free sites. There is a built in competition keyword research tool and writing tool that allows you to carefully implement created content.

The only real negative here is that the training is spread out and covered within a wide variety of topics. There is no exact step by step check list, though the Bootcamp Training comes close. I suspect that this has been done purposely to keep the material as simple and as consumable as possible.

Wealthy Affiliate Summary

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate, though not perfect, seems a straight forward way to gain sufficient knowledge to gain some manner of proficiency within the often murky world of online marketing. It remains to be seen if this is a sure-fire way for even the most novice amongst us to become a “Wealthy Affiliate,” or if there is other knowledge required that is not as readily dispensed. All-in-all, though, from what I’ve seen, there is never a question that is left unanswered. Getting help is just a matter of posing the question. Discovering the most relevant questions to ask seems to be the hardest part.


If you have any comments that are helpful or questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, please feel free to add your comments.


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    • Al says

      Hi Jill, thanks for your interest. I’d highly recommend checking out WA, as I’ve not found a better source of training and support. There’s so much information, so I’d suggest just exploring the site, training and see all the support. Here’s a link to a free account so you can check it out before you make any decision:


      Let me know if you have any questions or just dive right into the forum. Everyone is at different levels and there is always someone who can lend a helping hand.


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