What’s Your Passion?

street art chalk enpundit 9.jpg  610×565And, More Importantly, Is It Possible To Turn Your Passion Into A Business?

Almost everyone has a passion or hobby or special interest that they love to do. Sometimes it consumes them, and they would love nothing else but to do that every day. For some it could be a past time like golf, or scrap-booking, for others it might be more artful or specialized like photography. And I would bet that everyone who has time to devote to whatever interests them has wondered if they could earn a living doing it. Is it reasonable to think that you might be able to earn a living doing what you love.

The question is: Is it possible for you to turn what you love doing the most into a real business?

Certainly there are people who have done just this. Perhaps you even know of someone. A photographer or consultant or arborist come to mind, but there are hundreds more. Not everyone has a job that they go to. Some have managed to create their own work and be their own boss. The difference is that they love what they do and do it with great skill or enthusiasm. Not that people who have regular jobs don’t have special skills or display enthusiasm, but its a different sort of enthusiasm. Its more of a passionate enthusiasm.

What’s your passion? 

If you are passionate about something that you love to share, even better. The truth is, people share stuff all the time, and sometimes it looks professionally done and other times quite amateurish. But the result is often the same. The spirit and genuine intent often comes through loud and clear to those who are hungry for the information. This an important thing to realize: not everyone is a gifted presenter or marketer. But sometimes that doesn’t really matter. If they are passionate about what they are trying to convey, it usually comes through crystal clear. Crystal. Clear. They are awesome, in their own way.

Are You Awesome?

When did you forget you were awesome? This TED Talk is by Eugene Hennie, who runs Anti Wantrepreneur an online platform and podcast for aspiring and season entrepreneurs. Here is his take on finding your awesome.

Turning your awesomeness into a business is really just a matter of believing in yourself enough to pursue it. If you are passionate about something you can probably talk endlessly about it. ‘Nuff said. The trick is to see the angle and to create information or a solution that people want. Nowadays, you can find just about anything online. But often, it is quite superficial and lacks the depth that people value or even crave. You need to find that angle and provide that answer.

What’s Your Angle?

One clue to finding the angle this is to discover how many people are actively searching for what you are offering. Find enough people and you might have a  winner. If it is in a small enough niche that still gets a substantial amount of search traffic, chances are you might be able to attract enough eyeballs to see your information, and perhaps buy whatever it is you are selling. If your information or solution is genuine, it will ring true and engender a level of trust that would’t require any selling to convert them. I’m sure you’d agree that selling things in this manner is much better than hitting people over the head with aggressive sales pitches.

One thing to remember is that a lot of traffic is not he only thing you need to succeed – you also need to be able to compete with all of the other pages. Selecting the right niche with low competition is one strategy that you can employ and probably achieve some measure of success. This is because the internet is truly massive and there are always more people searching for content than those creating it. Another reason why you would want to compete in a smaller environment is that you would have a greater chance of succeeding than in a much more competitive one. This point cannot be understated. Simply put, it is much easier to grab low hanging fruit right now than to climb some mountain just to get a glimpse of it.

Thera are lots of tools that can help you decide what the best angle is for your particular business passion. One tool that I use is Jaaxy, and you can try it for free here:



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